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Founder - The Crafting Cactus, USA
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Graphic designer - Serbia

Best Coworking Space in Mohali

BiggBang endeavors to provide a productive & functional coworking space in Mohali for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, & Solo Practitioners.

Big Bang kick-started the cosmos, allow BiggBang Coworking to kick-start your business as well.

BiggBang helps keep the entrepreneurial chaos in order by providing an engaging and flexible workspace for startups as well as established corporations. Our coworking space in Chandigarh fuels a stimulating atmosphere and an eclectic community that renders the thrust needed for your company's growth

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We Love Startups. It's in Our Blood

Dip in our lush coworking space bag in your startup vessel as we dissolve in every aspect of your business to provide you the perfect innovative and resourceful domiciliary environment. Taking lessons from our startup journey, we provide the essential tools and networking facilities necessary for your company's expansion.

Fire Up Your Business

Being a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Freelancer, or a Solo Practitioner is a hectic task in itself. Focus on building your empire while we take care of creating the ideal innovative & inspiring coworking space in Chandigarh for you!

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Get The Coworking Space of Your Dreams

BiggBangg provides you with an engaging and flexible coworking space in Chandigarh that helps foster your inner entrepreneurial spirit and turns it into an ardent beast, transforming his ingenious ideas into reality via networking and fulfilling collaborations.


BiggBang coworking space Chandigarh serves as a grand opportunity for you to network with potential cofounders and key players in the market and utilize the chance to form bonds useful in the longer race

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Our coworking space in Chandigarh fuels a stimulating environment and an eclectic community that pushes your creative limits to help you reach higher the ladder of success.