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No matter how big or small your team is — one, 20, or even more — we have a solution for you. Introducing BiggBang. The best office space for rent in Mohali, Chandigarh.

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Attractive Prices

Attractive Prices

BiggBang coworking space offers the best industry-practiced equipment to let you stay up-to-date for the meetings and brainstorming sessions you do at the most affordable prices.
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These FAQs will assist you in answering some questions that have arisen in your mind regarding BiggBang or Coworking Space in general but that you are hesitant to ask. But, because we are a family, there should be no hesitation; be free, be yourself.

What is a coworking space?

The modern way of sharing spaces with individuals from various sectors offers affordable seating rates and an escape from an isolated environment. The benefits of coworking space go beyond the infrastructure. 

They also depend on the environment, which can transform a stressful workload into a pleasant workday that allows you to complete your chores quietly. It offers individual desks, conference rooms, brainstorming boxes, kitchens, and coffee—everything you need to be productive and efficient while working while feeling rested. 

A traditional workstation combines a classic ambiance with a cozy, homey atmosphere to provide a pleasant and effective workspace to inspire creativity and boost productivity.

What exactly is a coworking space?

A strategy that combines aspects of both typical office employment and working from home. Professionals and aspiring professionals need a well-stocked workspace with standard infrastructure to maximize their productivity. 

This coworking space with an office atmosphere, which combines the qualities of traditional workplaces and the notion of home working, offers total autonomy and flexibility. 

It gives you access to a respectable professional space with all the amenities of a typical office and a cozy, homey atmosphere with many people who share your viewpoints while utilizing the same approach.

Looking for a Coworking Space in Mohali? We are just a call away. Call now: +918837714288

Should you opt for a coworking space?

Everybody can benefit from the coworking perspective. Whether you're a professional employee for an MNC or a Ph.D. researcher working on your studies, the working environment is adaptable for everyone. 

Everything is considered for various industrial practices, whether for NGOs or even a spokesperson seeking to set up a meeting or formulate a plan or strategy.

My job allows me to travel; should I choose coworking at my next stop?

If you're a traveler and require a stopover to do your business, You are now in the correct spot. With an inexpensive and suitable customizable plan, BiggBang enables you to rent a seat for a day or a few hours. 

The nicest thing for traveling workers is that they interact with locals in various places and learn about their working environment. If you're in Mohali, the best coworking space in Mohali is probably BiggBang.

I was debating whether to rent a space or try coworking

The cost of office supplies, regular and emergency maintenance, and newly established costs can all grow significantly when a business, freelancer, entrepreneur, or enterprise rents a space. 

In coworking spaces, everything related to space, bills, and equipment is managed at the best available rates using the most recent industry best practices.

Do they vary from conventional workplaces in any way?

It is seen as a synthesis or hybrid of conventional office environments. You have flexibility with various features you may use at reasonable prices.

 Everything you might not get in a traditional office is available, whether you need it for a meeting, conference, or just to talk with a coworker.

Work from home or work from coworking?

Working from home allows flexible time management and reduces the burden of traveling to and from your office. But are the surroundings calm?

 Or does it make you feel like you're at an office, encouraging you to work creatively and effectively? What if you have to travel a long distance to your office close to your home while feeling at home? 

Coworking spaces like BiggBang provide freedom of choice over the chair and workspace you hire, free from interruptions, and with a positive work environment. Enthusiasts who share your interests are all around you.

Will it be beneficial if I opt for coworking?

The coworking space saves you a lot of money on rent and also relieves you of the burden of large bills by charging you only half as much as it would otherwise. 

If you are a one-person team, a coworking space with 20 or more members is the best option, so you can concentrate more on growing your business than worrying about the space.

Why Biggbang coworking?

This coworking space in Mohali is designed and run by professionals who understand what an ideal professional looks for while working and what is required to unleash work efficiency.

The environment plays a vital role in bringing creativity and productivity. With ambition and vision to create the best office space in Mohali, BiggBang offers the most trendy industry tactics and equipment to help you create a work-friendly environment.

What are the prices at Biggbang coworking?

It certainly is affordable when we claim it is. While some businesses charge ₹10,000 for the best equipment and surroundings, others charge less and have poorer surroundings. 

BiggBang was founded to fuse excellence and affordability in office space. BiggBang is offering the greatest coworking space in Mohali for ₹7,000 rupees per seat, along with all the newest amenities and equipment.

How can I access Biggbang?

If you want to contact us directly, there is an option at the bottom of the page, along with our phone number. You may quickly reach our services using our website's location, phone number, and other comprehensive information.

What is coworking office space?

Overcoming isolation and obtaining autonomy towards working is possible in coworking office space. These office spaces are designed keeping two factors in mind, traditional office space and home-like office space. 

Coworking office spaces provide the best equipment and environment that help individuals or teams work their best alongside professionals from various sectors while offering the best combination and providing autonomy for the office seating regardless of the politics in the traditional and not-so-peaceful environment of working from home.

Coworking space is for what?

Meetings, client conferences, and even student projects can be made the most of in coworking office space. You can rent the coworking space for however long you need to. 

Coworking office space is the best solution for you if you're a new business or an organization looking to cut costs. There is no set time restriction or several days for renting coworking office space. 

BiggBang is the best coworking office space in Mohali and provides the most advanced coworking options.

Why coworking space?

Coworking is the best office space solution for cultural people adapting to modern working methods and experiencing the best alternatives to traditional working spaces. 

Some beneficial factors will help you comprehend the coworking concept. Space perks The major perk that allows users to obtain the most out of it is the amount of space coworking space provides. Biggbang provides the best office space options in Mohali with a comfortable layout that includes a kitchen, conference rooms, brainstorming places, private sitting areas, and many other amenities so that you may get the best and work the best.

 Flexibility and command When you rent a seat, you have the choice to work either during the day or on a night shift. Coworking spaces also give you better control over your workspace and flexibility. Once you sign a contract, the seat is yours to keep. It offers the best security measures and gives you access to your data whenever you want without worrying about losing it.

 Isolation-free Working at an office might be somewhat unpleasant due to politics and other two-faced tactics, but working from home can be more isolating. However, these terms give off an isolated sensation that slows down work and causes distractions. 

Coworking office space offers the most work-friendly environment. Whether you wish to work alone or require a company, everything is available to attain productivity in your work. Opportunities Coworking office space offers networking solutions for new entrepreneurs and established workers. 

It creates an efficient networking space for users to explore through new communities and working individuals in similar sectors to guide you and other sectors for you to explore. Client-friendly If you are a freelancer, small business, or NGO and have clients coming over for your business meetings or project meetings, Cafes and restaurants are a short-term solution. Still, you cannot access all the amenities a traditional office provides for handling meetings. 

You get to attain these facilities to create an environment comfortable for the client and equip it with more amenities to track the deals and plan the strategies. Productivity and cost-efficiency Users can unleash their creativity and productivity at work thanks to the pleasant facilities and healthy work environment. 

These furnishings, chairs, and private offices are available at reasonable prices, allowing customers to avoid paying large sums of money and concentrate more on their original goal than on expenses and bookkeeping issues.

How does coworking space work?

There are multiple ways a coworking space operates. Its initial functionality is to offer office space for rent to users looking to escape an isolated environment and obtain autonomy towards their work with a better ambiance and traditional office equipment. 

Coworking spaces are changing the working model for individuals and even small and large organizations with their premium office spaces and membership programs.

Looking for a Coworking Space in Mohali? We are just a call away. Call now: +918837714288

Why is coworking space important?

The autonomy toward the workplace that coworking spaces enable is something that a user cannot achieve in a regular or home office setting. 

It gives you access to a variety of perspectives and varied personalities, allowing you to learn from and adapt to your coworker's best practices. Providing commercial real estate solutions that offer rent office spaces, whether a single or a team of 20 or more, coworking spaces have also arisen as a rapidly growing sector in the corporate world. 

A bright future is predicted for this expanding sector.

Who needs coworking space?

With the increase in professionals working away from conventional office spaces, While the most common alternative for many has been to work from home, It sure has many benefits. Still, the major flaw it contains is being isolated.

The major reason why many professionals prefer coworking spaces is that people from a variety of sectors and businesses work alongside each other. These five individuals can benefit the most from coworking spaces.

Freelancers often work with diversified clients wherein they are left with fewer options while working from home or a cafe. Coworking spaces provide meeting rooms, proper seating, and a structured routine to let their work achieve efficiency.

Individuals working remotely People who work remotely can access autonomy in their homes, offices, or coffee shops. But what if you were given the same freedom and an office-like atmosphere, increasing your productivity and allowing you to furnish your workspace with all the necessary items?

Coworking spaces improve the environment for remote workers so they may access all the workplace amenities in their own private space. Traveling workers Since coworking spaces are found in major cities; visitors may readily access them to work, giving them a chance to get a feel for the local culture and working style.

Additionally, this enables users to develop the methodology and provide ideas from the local set of workings. BiggBang is the best coworking office space in Mohali, providing customers with an engaging experience with an established way of working.

Students can work on their projects or assignments at coworking spaces for reasonably priced rates and in a professional environment. Industry professionals can provide students with knowledge and inspiration. The group of people that can benefit the most from coworking is students.

Individuals are working in conventional offices The most committed and cozy choice for those sick of the politics of the office and their noisy homes. Coworking spaces combine traditional and home working with a calm and professional atmosphere.

Mohali is in which state?

Mohali is a planned city located in the state of Punjab. It is famous for its other name, Shahibzada Ajib Singh Nagar. 

This is where the BiggBang coworking space, an evolution of office space, is situated—dedicated to providing the greatest, simplest, and most inexpensive office solutions to Mohali's expanding professional community.

Where is Mohali located in India?

Mohali is located in the state of Punjab in the north of India. Mohali is a planned city well established in the district of Mohali. 

Biggbang coworking is located in the planned city of Mohali, offering easy office space solutions and being the best coworking office space in the city.

How far is Mohali international airport from Biggbang Coworking?

Located in Industrial Area Sector 75, Biggbang Coworking is 27 minutes by car from Mohali International Airport in Punjab. 

With several transit alternatives leading to popular locations and commercial centers, this office space solution's connectivity is reachable to the most prominent places in the city over a distance of 15.8 km from the international airport.

How far is Isser Mohali from Biggbang Coworking?

BiggBang Coworking is situated in Industrial Area Sector 75, closely connected to the national highway. From the ISSER Mohali, it takes just 14 minutes to travel there, covering a distance of 7.4 km. 

The industrial area is where BiggBang is coworking, linking numerous mediums with the finest connectivity and providing locals with more options.

Why is Biggbang the best Coworking space in Mohali?

Regardless of how big or small your company is, or even if you're a freelancer or someone who only wants a meeting room, with memberships and packages accessible for all needs, Biggbang provides the best coworking office space solutions in Mohali with the best tools and best practices in the industry. 

Even if you are a student looking for a professional or quiet place for your project or assignment or even want to explore the professional environment, you are at the right place as BiggBang Coworking is the best coworking space in Mohali.

What is a virtual office space?

Virtual office space offers businesses or individuals a physical address and services related to traditional offices without administrative staff. 

Virtual offices enable employees to work remotely from anywhere while providing access to mail addresses, phone answering, meetings, and even video conferencing. 

Virtual offices allow employees to work remotely from their homes and increase productivity by reducing service costs and other administrative responsibilities. Additionally, it eliminates the need to hire immediately accessible local employees.

How to rent office space at Biggbang?

All you have to do is visit, and the very first option on the front page is a way of contacting the team. 

You can connect through call and reserve your seat, or at the end of the page, there is an option available for you to connect through email if you are not comfortable with calls. 

Once you connect to their services, you will immediately receive a response regarding your query and booking inquiry. If you are a local and can access the location, you can directly visit the office and book your seat.

How to lease office space at Biggbang Coworking?

You can easily lease office space at the BiggBang coworking. All you have to do is visit the website, and in the front, you get an option to call the team. 

Once you get on a call, you can directly book your seat or rent your office space. You can email them regarding your inquiry with the contacting option at the very bottom of the page. 

Once your email is sent, the team will promptly contact you and solve your inquiry. As it is located in Industrial Area sector 75 and is connected to the national highway, locals from Mohali may easily visit BiggBang Coworking to make a reservation for a seat or rent an office space.

What is the contact number of Biggbang?

You can call BiggBang Coworking at +918837714288

How to find office space for small businesses in Mohali?

Biggbang coworking is the best office space in Mohali for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Now that you are reading this and saving your time.

Committed to creating a user-friendly and work-oriented environment, BiggBang Coworking provides the most up-to-date, cutting-edge tools and surroundings to foster your creativity and increase your productivity.

Where to find office space for rent in Mohali?

Looking for a list of office spaces for rent in Mohali but could not figure out the right one? BiggBang offers the best office spaces to rent in the planned city of Mohali, with connectivity to the airport and other prime locations in the Industrial Area sector-75. 

The website allows you to contact the team directly, with multiple contact options available; or if you are a local from Mohali, the directions are available on the map; search for BiggBang.

How to find office space for rent in Mohali?

Biggbang coworking space offers the best office space for rent in Mohali, helping you save time and energy by browsing through and finding a listing of office spaces to rent in Mohali. 

All you have to do is visit the website to get a preview of the space they are offering. If you're a local, you can directly visit the space and look through it yourself. Everyone is welcome to contact and visit the office space.

What is meant by "coworking space"?

A commercial customer service concept known as "coworking space" engages individuals by using shared office spaces to work independently or with others. 

Self-employed individuals, contract employees, telecommuters, and startups are the usual coworking model users. Some opt for coworking spaces for their businesses since it allows them to save a significant amount of money and offer a lease exempt from other expenses. 

While many coworking spaces are already running and offering numerous cutting-edge elements defining coworking, BiggBang, a coworking space in Mohali, has now set its standards for offering accurate amenities worth the money. 

Even enterprises adopt coworking after learning about hybrid models and permit a specific group of users to utilize the coworking space on a specific day to avoid incurring additional fees. Also, businesses and individuals benefit greatly from membership incentives that come with coworking spaces.

What does coworking space offer?

Coworking spaces offer you access to a stimulating environment where competitive people inspire their coworkers. With the freedom that a coworking space provides, you can establish a comfortable and relaxed routine. 

However, because you'll be working alongside people from various industries, you might compare your abilities to those of others. 

Many coworking spaces, like the BiggBang coworking space in Mohali, give users a fully independent solution for designing a productive and creative work environment. 

You might also try to improve your skills while practicing what others are doing better. This fosters a competitive mindset and healthy competition that promotes learning and personal development.

Is a coworking space worth it in Mohali?

A co-working space is unquestionably worthwhile if you want to work more methodically and systematically, be surrounded by a better social network, and have the chance to get qualified leads. 

Spend some time browsing the options of a coworking space to find the one that best meets your needs and provides what you need. Coworking spaces, like the BiggBang coworking space in Mohali, have recently developed office space solutions that give consumers an improved experience compared to even the typical workplace or home, making them worthwhile endeavors.

Why is coworking culture becoming so popular in Mohali?

Working alone can sometimes lead to complacency and might make you think that what you are doing is good and successful, but there are always those who are better than you. 

Being exposed to the majority of the audience from the work culture and various sectors also exposes you to new opportunities and creative practices that encourage you to self-betterment and advancement in life. These qualities of coworking space are beneficial. 

Coworking spaces are developing even more, and they are guaranteed to become more popular in the future. Coworking spaces like the BiggBang coworking space in Mohali are now delivering an even more modernized method of working culture combined with an environment worth cherishing for improving workers.

Why is coworking so popular in Mohali?

Everyone can work independently in a coworking environment, whether for individual desks, business meetings, private discussions, or in the canteen. 

While working from home might provide some autonomy, not everything is provided, and the environment is just not professional; working from cafes is an outdated practice where teenagers rush out, creating a noisy environment; and working from an office offers a working environment and work-oriented amenities, but the rules established by our employer constrains us, so we are unable to do as we please. 

Coworking is popular because it gives us total autonomy while allowing us to set our own rules and manage our workspace to improve productivity.

What should I look for in a coworking space in Mohali?

If you're considering joining a coworking space, you should know that there is much more demand for this particular working model set. What makes the working culture attractive for this productive piece of hybrid work?

Here are six essential things to look for in a coworking space:

1. Location: The first thing to consider is whether your ideal co-working space is in the right location and how easy the journey will be. If you spend hours each day traveling for work, you should choose a location close by with a short commute because it will reduce your travel time and energy expenditure.

The location's accessibility to air, land, and rail transportation ensures that the workspace is conveniently close to any public transportation and has enough parking for private vehicles. While the BiggBang coworking space in Mohali connects and offers them a top-notch service with top-notch connectivity.

2. Amenities: It is essential to comprehend that the ideal coworking space offers the needed amenities and maximized production. While some have facilities but not enough space, others have space but not enough amenities.

The BiggBang coworking space in Mohali has now established a benchmark for providing amenities that are on par with those in the business world and a large and healthy work environment. For a smooth workflow, it is also essential to have the appropriate tools and precise goods.

3. Environment: Before joining a coworking space, it is essential to understand the office setting. Coworking spaces foster a contemporary working culture where employees are adjusting to modernization, and the setting they provide is work-efficient, productive, and creative to improve the workforce's work.

4. Network: Every action in the world nowadays is linked to the internet, and in the workplace, having access to a strong, dependable network and the internet is a requirement for every employee, regardless of industry or work culture. 

5. Workspace Structure: While working, our comfort is crucial along with the surroundings and structure for efficiency in the workflow. Therefore, not every space is appropriate, and having an accurate and pleasant structure is the right choice for every working individual. 

The fundamental elements when searching for an accurate workstation arrangement are the furniture, the tools, the systems, the cafeteria, and the entryway. 

6. Price: Cost is always a consideration, even when buying groceries, but when choosing the ideal workplace, it is important to determine whether what we are getting is worth the cost. 

It is also a good idea for workers to compare several places before choosing a coworking area because it enables them to find locations that offer the features and services they need at a reasonable cost.

Looking for a Coworking Space in Mohali? We are just a call away. Call now: +918837714288

Coworking space in Mohali?

Coworking spaces offer users, whether small, large, or individuals, a precise answer to their office space issues and total control over their work environment and practices with designated seating and office settings.

 The BiggBang coworking space in Mohali is committed to giving members freedom in a safe, healthy work environment that promotes productivity and a community that appreciates working.


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