Best Coworking Space in Mohali
by BiggBang

Are you looking for a coworking space in Mohali but can't find any good ones? Then come and experience the best coworking space in Mohali - BiggBang!

Enjoy multiple premium benefits of coworking space along with state-of-art infrastructure. Discover new opportunities and build your path of success with BiggBang's coworking space in Mohali.

Choose from four types of working spaces according to your needs and preferences. We have specially designed office spaces, meeting rooms, private offices, and event spaces. 

Work with BiggBang coworking space in Mohali and make your working life to the next level!

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Shared workspace

Work on individual desks in conjunction with the other coworker's desks. Interact and work at the same time!

Private offices

Separate office spaces specially made for your team to work privately. Spaces available for the team of all sizes.

Meeting rooms

VC enabled meeting rooms to organize perfect meetings for your clients and business partners seamlessly.

Event spaces

Specially designed, with beautiful infrastructure and interiors event spaces. So host your seminars and workshops easily!

What else can you avail of with BiggBang Chandigarh's coworking space?
High-speed internet

Experience the fastest internet at BiggBang's coworking space. No frustration, only smooth work!

Ample parking space

Park your cars tension-free at BiggBang's coworking space parking. So work tension free here.

Safe biometric access

We all demand the security of our data while working anywhere. BiggBang guarantees you that!

Perfect computer stations

Beautifully designed with comfortable chairs and desk computer desk for smooth working.

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Helpful FAQ

Coworking includes a place where professionals, small companies, freelancers & startups work for their business. The place simply has a shared office space, filled with everything a person needs while in office, including peace of mind, instant WiFi, Coffee & tea, conference and conference rooms, printing and locks, etc. each seat (without restricting money on security installations, lock time, long-term contracts, resources, etc.).

Bring your laptop and get started! Feel free to bring anything else you may need. Check out the properties and services we offer (each location may differ from its offers). Please note that we are a cooperative or office-based entity; therefore, you will have other members who will work together. Anything that disrupted other members were prohibited.

Members who work with BiggBang receive many services and services including:

1. Peace of mind: BiggBang gives you warm, friendly, quality, convenient access to Coworking offices. Your membership fee gives you a desk/bench in a comfortable chair. It includes costs associated with air conditioning, electricity, maintenance, office rental, housing maintenance, security, equipment installation, and functional lighting. Our offices are designed to grow the product in partnership among its members.

2. Fine speed and reliable WiFiInternet: you get the free speed and reliable internet connection of high-quality WiFi compared to most offices to improve your product. You need to have a device (mobile, laptop, computer, or other) with a WiFi connection.

3. Restaurant: The place we work offers Coffee. Oh, and tea in the house. Enjoy it with your team or other members at your desk or lounge.

4. Meeting and meeting rooms: all of our offices have meeting and meeting rooms. Hold team meetings, entertain guests, make conference calls from the national art conference and conference room. You need to check their availability before making a reservation. This is a shared service. Pre-booking is highly recommended.

5. Printing / Copies / Unlimited Scanning: Each office has at least a printer/copy/scanner for multiple tasks. Your membership comes with pre-determined free prints/copies of black and white and unlimited scans on each desk. Ask the office manager for more details.

7. Refrigerator and Microwave: keep your food and drink fresh in the work area's refrigerator and heating areas.

8. Phone room and SKYPE room: find and make calls from private room privacy. No interruptions for other members.


* Services may vary from office to office, so please verify before confirming

Yes, you can. Please notify the office manager in advance of your guest plans. If you plan to have guests for more than 1 hour, you will need to "book a meeting room" or "buy a day guest" for guests. These can be booked online with our office manager. BiggBang has a perfectly designed meeting room with VC to conduct your meetings seamlessly!

Yes, there is a license agreement. All members are also required to accept the Terms and Conditions defining the obligations and obligations from both parties. We encourage all members to consider it in more detail.

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