Why choose BiggBang?

Whether you're a startup or an established company, BiggBang works towards satisfying all your needs.

We provide private offices for people seeking the convenience of a personal space in a community workspace. Teams with 3-50 members can take advantage of this service.

Supplementary services include:

Bookable conference rooms Lockable storage space High-speed internet Access cards Mail and package handling 24/7 Security Cleaning services

Design-savvy project management
Vetted designer matching

But I can find a private office anywhere. Why should I choose BiggBang?

Traditionally, when starting or expanding a business, you would search for a space, buy furniture and tech, hire help and be saddled with a rigid and expensive lease. We want you to focus all your energy and resources into your company's growth and leave all the cumbersome yet necessary details to be handled by us. All logistics, like setting up WiFi, hiring a cleaning crew, buying printers are all taken care of by us.


Traditional offices bind you with rigid and long leases and offer no room for flexibility, leading to underutilized or overcrowded spaces. You can work at BiggBang without any long term commitments and can effortlessly expand according to your desires. All our spaces are ergonomically designed and have the potential to be personalized.

Tools for agencies

biggbang Pro FAQs

biggbang Pro is our premium design service tailored specifically for agencies. With Pro, you get: • A dedicated Success Manager who will help you learn how to effectively leverage our platform to augment your in-house resources.
• Personalized assistance finding talented designers all vetted for quality and reliability.
• Pro benefits including free access to to premium tools such as white label presentations, NDA integration and expedited turnaround.
To get access to biggbang Pro, you pay an annual $500 membership fee. From there, you pay for design work in one of two ways: 1) Hire a designer and collaborate directly with this designer. In this case, you request a quote and negotiate the terms of your project with the designer.

2) Launch a contest and invite many designers to submit their ideas. You select the design you like best. Contests have set pricing based on design category. See Contest pricing.
If you’re not yet a Pro member, you can sign up here, or Request a Call and a member of our team will help you get set up. If you’re already a member, contact your Success Manager who can help you figure out the best way to use our creative platform to accomplish your design objectives.