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Thinking of launching your startup? But can't find any good place to start with?
Well then, we would like you to the best startup incubator in Mohali - BiggBang office and coworking spaces.

Enjoy the benefits of multiple premium features and our awesome office spaces while launching your startup into the market.
You can even avail of our workspaces for free or at a half discount by providing us a very small share in your startup!

BiggBang has also stood up for Indian startups and has proved our PM's #VocalForLocal initiative. Hence, we help Indian startup grow from scratch till it succeeds!

So, don't waste further time and join BiggBang's best startup incubator in Mohali now!

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Get guidance from our mentors

Meet the leading founders of successful startups and interact with them!

Make new useful connections

When you make new connections with your industry's people, it helps a lot!

Know and meet your investors

Meet your future investors and cofounders, interact with them. 

Save money by saving the rent

BiggBang provides special discounts or free rent for your startup!

Launch your startup in four easy steps with BiggBang startup incubator in Mohali:

Make a strategy for the launch of your startup with our leading startup owner mentors.


After planning, time to implement it. Launch your startup with the help of our team.


Launch your startup in market and compete with the other firm. Get real-time experience.


Collect and raise money for your startup. Meet your angel investors and raise funds.

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Helpful FAQ

Startup Incubator

BiggBang startup incubator in Mohali assists entrepreneurs who want to create a pre-brand product with unverified startup ideas. This helps potential developers to determine if their startup idea is worth moving forward.

We offer a confirmation / non-verification course and tons of resources to help you test your idea successfully. This prevents people from spending years and thousands of rupees turning ideas of startups into insurmountable startups. Also, a vision confirmation course prepares you with our incubator program.


Startup Accelerator

An accelerator helps an existing business grow. To get the attention of an accelerator, you need to have a perfect business model in place. You need to show via a detailed business plan how you intend to huge turnover.

Incubators have been very popular since the early 2000s. But the history of incubator dates back to the 1950s in New York. At Big Apple, established businesses create programs to give startups cheaper office space and other shared resources.

The concept changed in the 80s with the addition of focused teaching. In the mid-2000s, the concept saw another quantum leap with the advent of the Internet. 

Both incubators and accelerators provide a collaborative environment, support, and instruction. The big difference is that the accelerator can provide money. With these funds, you can keep your supervisors and other professionals if you choose to do so.
The incubator's purpose is to provide you with that training so that you do not look elsewhere.
Both incubators and accelerators can provide offices where you can work and participate.

Not all incubators are created equal. Some are business startups. Here's how to spot a low-quality program:

• Focus on quality instead of a product- The compound should not be overly concerned with explosive growth. The program should not misguide you to use a lot of money on branding, advertising, branding, or other product ownership. The focus should be on getting the foundations down.

• The incubator pressures you to spend more money on omnibus services- Your office does not need to look like Google's headquarters.

• The incubator is very worried about useless metrics- Your installer should not focus on daily app downloads, website visits, etc. 

• The link cannot help you make decisions about touch- Sometimes, you have to be a bad person as an entrepreneur. The incubator should guide you through these difficult decisions.

• Counseling - You can get professional access to your space, industry, or market even if you are a beginner novice. Advisors can provide conceptual validation and market analysis.

• Appropriate office space - The incubator can provide a workspace designed for you and your team. Hiring tends to be lower than what you will find elsewhere. 

• Fund Collection - Most programs will not support you directly. But they can help you with your efforts to grow the fund. 

• Technology - Many incubators provide fast Internet, servers, and other technical solutions so you can focus on your startup.

• Communication - The system must provide more network coverage. In this way, you can build strategic partnerships early on.

• Training - A good program provides training by in-house staff and outside professionals. Tax training, legal issues, and intellectual property are very important.

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