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Take your private business to the next level! BiggBang provides you the best virtual office in Chandigarh.

Select your virtual address and make plans with our perfect mail forwarding and call answering services.
No need to own or lease traditional offices if you don't want to work in one due to financial or other reasons. BiggBang got you covered!

Get the best virtual office in Chandigarh at BiggBang now!

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Get professional business address

Choose the physical location for the mailing address that is, Chandigarh, and get your work started.

Greet the guests with our receptionist

BiggBang will provide you with a professional receptionist, greet your clients, make an impression!

Coworking/office space whenever you need

Need a physical space to work in immediately? Just visit BiggBang tower and get started!

Customer assistance 24/7 from BiggBang

Have any query? Want to clear any doubts or need any assistance? Call our helpline anytime!

What extra will you get with our virtual office space at BiggBang?
Answer your calls from our side

Receive the calls from your customers, clients, or business partners professionally.

Call payment according to you

We provide monthly, weekly, or daily call bill payments and unlimited call options also.

Office assistance from our side

BiggBang provides office space for representation. Hold meetings with clients any day!

BiggBang mail handling services

Receiving tons of mails? Can't handle them individually? Leave that work on our team.

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Helpful FAQ

BiggBang provides the best virtual office in Chandigarh. With so many facilities and easy to use concept, why would not you work with BiggBang? 
Get your virtual business address within a few minutes and just start working.

1: Company Postal Address

Virtual Offices provide you with a professional postal address. By registering for Virtual Office, you are building a virtual office without committing to renting. The visual office gives you a surprising look at working in an office environment, even if you don’t have one, as well as a local address book. So there is a little ease of handling cents per day.

2: Expansion of business authority

The advantage of the visible office is that employers can take home businesses and get the work done by employees remotely. Therefore, the benefits of having a visible office play an important role when you are displaying your company’s availability in multiple locations.

3: Extended phone services

You can follow the virtual office's technical area by having a phone number, fax service, voicemail boxes, and a visual voice to handle calls without the need to receive guests. Businesses may reap additional benefits from visible offices, such as reduced personal intervention and reduced costs.

4: Completed prompt services

This point strongly supports why you should use real offices when most people think they have a virtual office, even though technology fixes all aspects of a business. Standard settings include a wide range of staff and a place to welcome everyone and everything. You can take care of all the business's needs in the visible office with one click of the software.

5: Voicemail box designed for you

The virtual office gives you the right to set up your voicemail message for calls to explicitly and early communication with customers in the event of your unavailability. Therefore, the benefits of having a visible office increase communication with your customers firmly.

A cost-effective practice

A real-time office can cost you a lot of money in many respects. Either you have to rent or rent a place to trade, pay for utilities, buy furniture, equipment, and technology. Profitable office benefits reduce those costs and help you save some money to invest in expanding the business in the future.

Minimum use time

Current practice shows that most employees prefer to work from home options or lower wages, as it reduces their travel time, saves travel costs, and, most importantly, provides comfort. Therefore, the benefits of visible offices favor employees and employers in every positive way.

Work-Life balance for all

The benefits of having real offices allow everyone to function smoothly from their safe environment, which reduces stress levels and provides ample time to spend with their loved ones.

Emails or parcels received from a visible office address are kept private until you pick them up. We can send your email to you for a modest extra fee, or you can put someone to pick it up for you. Our transmission package includes mail and telephone.

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