Why choose a coworking space for your office space?

With changing times, there have been several changes in the corporate workspace. People have adopted newer and better forms of working to increase the efficiency and productivity of their organization. One such structure or form of working involves using coworking spaces, where people from different departments or companies work together. Let us take a detailed look at what it is, its benefits, and its drawbacks.


What are Coworking Spaces?

A coworking space is a kind of arrangement in many corporate offices where employees from different organizations share the same workspace. Sometimes, the term “coworking space” may also be used in various departments of a single organization sharing the same space without a definitive demarcation between them. 

The main aim of using coworking spaces is cost and resource reduction. For example, several companies may use a single reception desk, custodial services, and working resources. Some secondary services like refreshments, delivery services and such may also be shared between the various companies.


Benefits of Coworking Spaces

There are several advantages of coworking spaces that indeed make them a favorite for many employees and employers. Here are a few features and benefits it offers that makes companies want to adopt the model.

  1. Reduced Operational Costs – Since different people depend on the same resources, it often helps reduce operational costs. For example, electricity bills and other operational costs are shared between the different companies. 
  2. Socialization – With people from different companies working on different projects and concepts, social working spaces become a great spot for socialization among others. It helps reduce the feeling of isolation that many may feel.
  3. Networking – Coworking spaces are great for networking and meeting new people. Various companies or individuals may often end up cooperating to reach a common goal in mind. It also helps create a bigger network with people from various companies and fields. 
  4. Diverse Work Culture – In coworking places, different companies, with their different work culture, as well as people with their own traditional cultures come to a place. This creates diversity among the various members working in the space. 
  5. Group Discounts – Coworking spaces often offer great group discounts since large groups of people are present. There may be in the form of reduced gym membership costs, reduced travel costs, and reduced clubbing costs, among others.
  6. Flexibility – Most coworking spaces are active throughout the day, and allow the companies or employees to choose their time own of work. Some people prefer to work at night, while others prefer to work during the day – coworking spaces make this possible.



Different companies and organizations have varying views on the concept and use of coworking spaces. However, if one looks at its offerings, they really seem like a great place for people to easily socialize and discuss ideas. Sharing ideas and beliefs would help in personal development and make a company’s work culture more efficient. This is indeed what people are looking for in the near future, and it would not be wrong to say that it would become commonplace in the near future.

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